Belize ATM Cave Tour

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Belize ATM Cave Tour

Belize ATM Cave Tour, rightfully named Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, abbreviated as the ATM Cave. Popular for its distinct features such as the huge formations and human remains. In addition, the hike allows us to explore some of Belize’s Flora and Fauna along the path to one of the most renowned caves in the world. Only in Belize!!

About the ATM Cave Tour

The ATM Cave tour kicks off with an hour’s drive from San Ignacio Town. This can be a longer trip depending on where you’re staying, e.g. Belize City. After you arrive at the parking lot you’ll be debriefed by your guide about the do’s and don’t of the excursion. Next you’ll embark on a 45-minute hike to the entrance of the cave. Here you’ll submerge into the water where you’ll need to take a short swim to make your entrance into the cave. The hike includes some creek crossing. While inside the cave you’ll begin to discover the exemplary work of natural art and history, meeting in one place.

Caves are known as the Maya Underworld and for approximately 3 hours you’ll be doing just that. Exploring the underworld. With the strict restrictions upon this cave, not everyone can easily access it. It’s more protected than other caves by the Department of Archeology, this one especially has been largely protected from looting.

What to Expect at the ATM Cave

The ATM cave beauty is identified by the Maya pottery, the Crystal Maiden (Skeletons), and other huge stalactites and stalagmites. This tour is for the adventurous. ATM includes hiking through the jungle, walking/swimming across creeks, and climbing. Every muscle moved is worth it though. Of course, you’ll have lunch after your exit the cave, relax a bit, then start your journey back to the parking lot. But, seeing is believing, for such an incredible tour the challenge is well worth your effort. The Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave) is one of Belize’s best experiences yet.

What’s include

This tour, like all our tours, is all-inclusive. The following are included:

  • Local English speaking Guide.
  • Lunch with Beverage.
  • Round Trip Transportation.
  • Entrance Fees.
  • All Local Taxes.

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