Altun Ha Belize Tour

Altun Ha (0)
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  • Mayan Ruins
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Altun Ha Belize Tour

Altun Ha Belize Tour is a Mayan Ruins tour, located in the Belize district. The name of the archaeological site translates to “Rockstone Pond”. Name was also given to the community that’s located near it. Altun Ha was inhabited in the Classic Period, ranging from 400 AD. In addition, Altun Ha may be popularly known for the large amount of Jade artifacts that have been found on site.

More about Altun Ha Tour

  • Altun Ha accessible by land and requires just a 2 hours drive from San Ignacio town.
  • Situated in the area of Belize with the riches wildlife.
  • Visitors has great possibilities of spotting Tapirs, Deer’s, Foxes, etc.
  • 200 species of bird recorded in the area.
  • Huge crocodiles live in the water reservoir, which was man made (Mayans)
  • This tour can also be combined with Cave Tubing or The Belize Zoo Tours.

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